Terms and Conditions

I. Scope of Application

a). These General Terms and Conditions apply to the business relations between Horan Network and the customer. Conflicting conditions or conditions diverging from these General Terms and Conditions are not accepted and are hereby emphatically objected by Horan Network. Conflicting conditions of the customer only apply when Horan Network has explicitly agreed in written form.
b). Horan Network is entitled to change or amend these General Terms and Conditions at any time. For contracts placed before the change of the General Terms and Conditions, the version that was valid at the time of the order applies.

II. Fundamental Features of Horan Network Services

Horan Network specializes in selling codes and CD-keys for online games. CD-keys and codes are exclusively delivered via email. There is no sale or delivery of DVDs or CDs. Postal delivery is not available.

III. Customer Requirements

Depending on the online game, the customer must fulfill certain requirements in order to use Horan Network’s services. These requirements typically include being registered with the operating company of the online game, having an account, and purchasing the required software. It is important to understand the legal relations and associated costs with the operating company.

IV. Risks for the Customer Regarding the Services

a). Horan Network takes all necessary precautions to maintain the confidentiality of customer account information and prevent unauthorized access. The customer is responsible for enhancing security by using encrypted data transmission and regularly changing passwords after service provision.
b). Horan Network is not an operator of online games and therefore does not take responsibility for circumstances beyond its control, especially regarding the accessibility or operation of the specific online game after service provision by Horan Network.

V. Steps to the Conclusion of the Contract

a). The customer selects a product by clicking the “buy now” button. The selected product is added to the shopping cart, and the cart displays relevant product information. The customer can continue selecting other products by navigating and clicking on them, which will add them to the shopping cart. This process can be repeated. The updated content of the shopping cart can be viewed by clicking the “update” button. Products can be removed from the shopping cart by clicking the “remove” button.
b). Once the customer has made their selection, they click the “pay now” button. If the customer is not registered, they must complete the registration process by clicking the “continue” link for new customers and following the instructions. Registered users enter their login information and click the “log in” button.
c). By completing these steps, the customer submits a binding offer to Horan Network. Any entry errors can be corrected using standard keyboard and mouse functions before sending the order.

VI. Conclusion of the Contract

a). The article catalog displayed on the website does not constitute a legal offer, but rather an invitation for the customer to submit an offer. The customer extends their offer to enter into a contract with Horan Network by placing an order.
b). Upon receipt of the customer’s offer, Horan Network sends a confirmation email to acknowledge the receipt of the order (order confirmation).
c). The customer must ensure that they can be reached via email to receive communication from Horan Network. It is recommended to check security settings, such as spam filters and junk mail accounts.
d). The contract between the customer and Horan Network is concluded only when the customer receives an explicit order confirmation. This order confirmation contains all the details regarding the customer’s order and serves as an acknowledgment of receipt.

VII. Payment

a). Payment methods are limited to advance payment (bank transfer) and PayPal. cash on delivery are not available. Payment on account is possible under certain circumstances and only if authorized by Horan Network. The payment period for payment on account is 10 days